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Favorite ThisTop 20 Psychedelic Bass Pioneers [Page 3]

Published: September 16, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

10. Spoonbill
A frequent collaborator of Tipper's and an all-around genius, Jim Moynihan has found a way to get really trippy with acoustic instruments. His sound design projects are flawless.

9. Random Rab
While Rab Clinton has been edging into warmer, more melodic songwriting and singing, there's no doubt that his influence on the psychedelic bass scene is carved into stone. His sunrise sets are things of legend.

8. Bird of Prey
Torin Goodnight was instrumental in taking the sounds of psytrance, slowing them down, and warping them to fit the dubstep time signature and sound. Between his Bird of Prey and Birds of Paradise projects, there are few artists more influential them him on this whole scene.

7. Bluetech
Evan Marc Bartholomew has quietly cemented himself as a fixture in the psybient scene. With meticulously crafted soundscapes and innovative textures, there's no doubting his audio wizardry.

6. Desert Dwellers
With roots in the Moontribe collective, Treavor Moontribe and Amani Friend have established themselves as legends across a multitude of genres, the least of which is psy bass.

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