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Favorite ThisTop 10 Trance Songs of 2013

Published: December 26, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Top 10 Trance Songs of 20132013 was an interesting year for trance. Too many of the genre’s key players, including a few featured on this list last year, saw their sound drifting farther towards progressive, electro, and even big room house. These artists benefited by gaining a more diverse fan base, but the downside was an immense sacrifice of overall emotion. Trance is built on the grounds of emotion, and leaving this behind can have colossal consequences. Trends come and go, but there will always be those who remain steadfast to the foundations.
This list focuses on specific tracks that stayed loyal to the trance mantra: provide your listeners with emotion, and they will give you emotion right back. That’s not to say these songs didn’t push the boundaries of trance in their own unique way, but there was an overall sense of loyalty present. Maybe 2014 will provide a breath of fresh air amongst the genre, or maybe current trends will just dig in deeper. Only time will tell.

10. Max Graham - Diamonds (Club Mix)
Max Graham – Diamonds (Club Mix)
Max Graham held it down for trance music like a true boss in 2013. The Canadian producer was born in the United Kingdom, but now calls Amsterdam home. It’s safe to say Graham gets around, evident from his aptly titled Cycles Radio Show that continues to gain immense traction. With “Diamonds,” we experience the veteran submerge listeners in a classic trance ambiance that flourishes through its undeviating back beat and dainty yet beguiling vocals. 

9. Suncatcher & Falcon - Hashtable
Suncatcher & Falcon - Hashtable
The name “Hashtable” immediately brings to mind images of Space Case grinders, Backwoods, and OG Kush, but that’s not what Suncatcher & Falcon were implying with their ethereal collaboration. Hash table is actually a computing term relating to associate arrays and data maps. We’re not 100% keen on all that mathematical mumbo jumbo, but what we do know is music, and this music is fundamentally superior. The two producers from opposing sides of the globe birthed a verifiable lullaby with this one, bridging their respective expertise to generate blissful, unadulterated instrumental trance for seven sublime minutes.

8. Audien - Wayfarer
Audien - Wayfarer
It’s tough to say whether Audien was alluding to Ray-Ban sunglasses or a person who ventures long distances with a title like “Wayfarer.” Could have been both. An extremely hip dude who travels the world on foot, wearing nothing but Wayfarer glasses, Birkenstocks, and a Superman onesie. Interesting combination, but it sounds comfortable. The only song he needs is Audien’s 2013 anthem, using its passionate range and fervent synthesizers to fuel his journeys and feed his very needs. Thank you mysterious globetrotter, you have inspired us. 

7. Armin van Buuren - Love Never Came ft Richard Bedford
Armin Van Buuren – Love Never Came ft Richard Bedford
Intense was the type of album that made your jaw promptly plunge. Just take a quick peek at that tracklist. Vocal features from trance favorites like Fiora, Emma Hewitt, and our personal hero Richard Bedford. No one in their right mind could remain emotionless when “Love Never Came” kicks into gear. Even the Grinch with his heart two sizes too small would feel something. Armin van Buuren’s evocative instrumentations are like the steady throbbing of a heartbeat, dispensing an exemplary backdrop for Bedford’s dispirited narrative of a splintered romance that has since vanquished.

6. Kyau & Albert ft Stoneface & Terminal - We Own the Night
Kyau & Albert with Stoneface & Terminal – We Own The Night

“We Own The Night” is what we call dream trance. While the song probably wasn’t inspired by the Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg flick of the same name, there is one thing we can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt; this track will empower you. Four adept producers coalescing years of prowess, creating a silky trance tune that incorporates an instrumental break section reminiscent of liquid drum ‘n’ bass. How cool is that? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and find your bravado buried deep within this euphoric symphony.

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