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Favorite ThisTop 10 Sonic Bloom Artists [Page 2]

Published: June 10, 2014

5. Birds of Paradise

5 - Birds of Paradise

Last week, Torin Goodnight surprised fans with the announcement that he would be setting the Bird of Prey project aside in order to focus his efforts more closely on music and work that spoke to him. That means more time in the studio composing deeper, more sonically structured film scores and things of that nature, and less time out on the road. As a result, the anticipation has multiplied for his solo set, as well as his Birds of Paradise set with Gibson. The pair will make this set one to remember.

4. Shpongle (DJ Set)

4 - Shpongle

Speculation hit a fever pitch in early May as to who that surprise headliner was standing atop the SONIC BLOOM bill. While many good guesses were made, following his sold out live band performance at Red Rocks, it was revealed Simon Posford would be returning to Colorado for a Shpongle DJ set a little over a month later. Fans naturally shed tears of joy.

3. Pystrance Block

3 - Psytrance Block

Many fans don't realize that the early work of many of their favorite psychedelic bass acts is rooted in the world of psytrance. This year, for the very first time, SONIC BLOOM is honoring that tradition with a psytrance block from some of the scene's most popular acts. Kalya Scintilla will be performing a MerKaba set, followed by Amani and Treavor Moontribe of Desert Dwellers. We'll be diving all the way in. And it happens on's Hummingbird Stage!

2. PLM Party

2 - PLM Party

We've come full circle. Back in 2008, there was this little act all the way down at the bottom of the Bloom lineup called Pretty Lights. 24 months later, Derek Vincent Smith is headlining Red Rocks. Now, Smith's crew is swarming SONIC BLOOM with SuperVision, Paul Basic, Break Science, and the world premiere of the Michal Menert Big Band, which will feature Snug Harbor, along with AC Lao on drums. It's going to be so friggin' epic. We absolutely CANNOT wait to see what it sounds like. Can you imagine "Summer Love" with a full horn section? We've been for the past two months...

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