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Favorite ThisTop 10 Camp Bisco 2015 Artists

Published: June 17, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Camp BiscoUs old heads bitched and moaned when Bisco went away last year. There's nothing quite like the vibe and atmosphere. The eclectic blend of jam and electronic acts brings people out from far and wide. The vulgar, infantile, and witty things its fans post all over its social media. Nothing can quite capture that energy.

Well Camp Bisco is back, baby.

Fine-tuned and ready to rock, Bisco came charing back with a jaw-dropping lineup that has fans buzzing all over again. Long known for bringing the best electronic acts from all over the world, The Disco Biscuits have outdone themselves with this stacked bill. And it's in the band's home state of Pennsylvania, no less.

From July 16-18 at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA, some of the biggest acts in the world will descend upon the humble post-industrial city. Hell, Jim, Pam, and Dwight might event show up--who knows? What we do know is that there are 10 acts you just cannot miss. How about we lay them out for you...

10. Emancipator

Doug Appling and Co. have released new live material, and a release album for Dusk to Dawn is imminent, so expect lots of the good stuff from this Bisco performance
9. Haywyre
Martin Vogt is a monster. His music blends the goodness of jazz and funk with electronic wizardry no one else can pull off. He doesn't even have any copycats 'cause no one can even attempt it.
8. STS9
It's understood. Tribe at Camp Bisco. Please. You know you're going.

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