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Published: February 11, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

5. Flux Pavilion
Flux Pavilion - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10
Long before Flux Pavilion was ever wearing steezy clothing, dying his hair bright blonde, or dabbling into that moombah mumbo jumbo, he was a rosy-cheeked homeboy who consistently unleashed dubbed out anthems.  Unforgettable gems like “Cracks” and “Gold Dust” lead the way for a new age of ethereal, melodic dubstep anthems, leading to many of today’s current trends. Long before everyone and their momma was dropping “Le7els,” everyone and their momma was dropping “Bass Cannon,” and that’s a fact.

4. Rusko
Rusko - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10
If Rusko hadn’t packed his luggage and made haste to the West like Lewis and Clark, who knows if dubstep would have ever exploded in America like it did. The English producer may have gotten bitched out by Deadmau5 for lighting one up, thrown hissy fits at soundmen, and owned a gardening superstore (we made that last one up), but we still got love for his take on the wobble wobble.

3. Bassnectar
Bassnectar - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time
One part human, one part subwoofer, and held together by endless supplies of the only drink officially approved by Greek gods, Bassnectar is the complete package. His “Bass Head” is covered by flowing locks on the exterior, but filled with jaw-dropping ideas essential to advancing dubstep’s progression for over a decade. It’s almost unfathomable to believe how many electrifying albums he’s released when considering his unstoppable work ethic, and Mr. Nectar shows no signs of letting up.

2. Digital Mystikz
Digital Mystikz - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10
Long before dubstep was marred with overly complicated and filthy instrumentations, there was Digital Mystikz. The duo comprised of Mala and Coki are pillars of dubstep’s foundation, creating a simplistic sound that was by all means alleviating and entrancing, yet altogether empowering. The synthesis of dub and reggae with electronic music helped birth the genre we know and love, planting the seeds for a now giant Sequoia.

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