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Published: February 11, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Greatest Dubstep Artists Of All TimeCompiling a list of the top dubstep artists of all time is not an easy task. It’s not just a “who’s who” of the last few years, or even a “Best of 2012” type list—it’s of all time.

This means you have to dig way back into genre obscurity to make sure you’re not missing any crucial producers, simultaneously highlighting those wrecking shit today.

This list divulges those producers who’ve innovated, created, and took risks towards establish something fresh; highlighting the founders of the genre, those who helped evolve it, and those currently making their mark. Enjoy!

10. Excision
Excision - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10
Excision’s crucial contribution to dubstep consisted of providing three game-changing elements: heavy, heavy, and heavy. Alright, so we may have gotten a little carried away with the heavies, but the point we’re making is clear. This Canadian producer thrives on destroying dance floors with one million watts of bass behind him (another hyperbolic expression—but it’s not far off), and has influenced countless producers including dubstep superhuman Datsik.

9. Caspa
Caspa - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10
London-based producer Caspa has been making an infectious dent on the world of dubstep for over seven years now, way back when George W. Bush was still in office and Lindsay Lohan’s nostrils were “Like a Virgin.” Countless remixes and vigorous original tracks have solidified his place in dubstep’s Hall of Fame, and unlike baseball, this one doesn’t frown upon performance enhancing drugs.

8. Zeds Dead
Zeds Dead - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10
The inexplicable rise by Zeds Dead (DC & Hooks) to ultimate supremacy seemed like it occurred over night, but in reality took at least a week. These bass-loving Canadians stole the hearts of mothers and fathers raised in the 70’s by pioneering the classic rock remix, transforming ubiquitous tunes from The Rolling Stones and The Moody Blues into absolute dubstep anthems. The duo’s thoroughly gritty sound continues to evolve overtime, pushing the boundaries of countless genres on each release.

7. Seven Lions
Seven Lions - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10
If you’d asked a follower of Chinese astrology what 2012 was the year of, they would’ve said “the dragon.” If you’d asked a dubstep fanatic the same question, they would’ve undoubtedly answered with “lion”—seven of them actually. Jeff Montalvo, a.k.a. Seven Lions, took electronic music by storm in 2012, reinventing dubstep’s wheel by coalescing it with elements of trance, breakbeats, and progressive house. The Santa Barbara resident has only begun his unstoppable ascension, and we’re just enjoying the view.

6. Skrillex
Skrillex - Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10
Skrillex invented dubstep, pioneered his own haircut, and was literally born in a pool of 808’s. While none of these are actually true (the last one we can’t 100% confirm), it’s pretty clear the influence Sonny Moore has bestowed on all realms of electronic music. From winning multiple Grammy’s, to building a wildly successful record label, it’s become completely evident that success really is the best revenge.

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