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Favorite ThisYheti, Soulacybin, Cualli on Transcendent Tunes 'Inclusio(N)' comp

Published: March 16, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

As the clock struck 9:26 and 53 seconds this past Saturday (3/14/15), the first 10 digits of Pi were spelled out, and the universe fell into rhythm.


Frank Heiss out of New England continues to search for that perfect moment in time, that iconic moment during which everything is in harmony (at least mathematically). Which is why he chose Pi day to release the debut compilation on his Transcendent Tunes label.

Bringing together some of our favorite acts from the sacred and psychedelic bass worlds, including Yheti, Soulacybin, and Cualli, the Inclusio(N) comp assembled by Heiss is a futuristic supergroup of today's big underground acts. While most are coming up in the world, we've tapped these acts as the best and brightest in our little corner of the industry. And Heiss found them all.

Newcomer Caelis opens the album with what sounds like the Bird of Prey and OPIUO lovechild we've been dreaming up. Tyler Holler (a.k.a. Yheti) pulls out another trippy trappy take on contemporary styles, turning us inside out with classic video game sounds.

Halo Refuser, who recently delivered an amazing EP with his Darkwhyte project, contributed a dark, brooding tale. We recently reviewed the Da Capo album from Dixon Stovall (one of the first Transcendent Tune acts) who knocked out "G Mode in Em" for the comp. Heiss even got in on the fun, putting one of his own tracks, "Then Who?" in the mix.

With the intent of shedding light on some of the hottest producers making music for the body, soul, and mind, Heiss hits the nail on the head, but the side benefit is crafting an utterly listenable collection tunes that covers a lot of ground, but still remains connected in its approach.

Perhaps all is in harmony, after all. At least in the Transcedent world.

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