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Favorite ThisMt. Analogue is 'Armed' with an arsenal of sounds

Published: August 20, 2018

By: Heather Hodder

Mt. Analogue - ArmedComing off the second performance of the TRIFINITY, we figured this was a perfect opportunity to give fans a deeper dive on one of its members. Mt. Analogue has a new EP called Armed that is sure to keep you alert through your Monday doldrums, with organic experimental bass music and over 600 sounds that Stephen Strohmenger creates using his mouth! The human body is an instrument, just as much as a guitar, mayonnaise, or a computer generating beats.

A four track jolting mini EP, the nearly 11 minute offering is a brief whirlwind of different sounds and styles that pulls you into the eye of the storm and will not let go till you are outside your preconceptions about contemporary electronic music.

Titled “Gurgle,” “Mitosis,” “Regurgitate,” and “Mutation,” the tracks bring the listener on an experimental sound journey of weird bass, human anatomy and the unknown.
human anatomy and the unknown. From Dayton, Ohio , Mt. Analogue has released music with his Ohio-based production company toortous, as well as MalLabel, a vaunted west coast outlet for up and coming underground bass producers.

Commenting on Facebook about Armed, Strohmenger wrote, “Creations are reflections of our souls. No matter how strange you feel creating, keep creating. I hope you enjoy these sounds. Hopefully they help you feel, dance, think and create.”

On Bandcamp, Mt. Analogue gives more insight into his creations: 

“I love music. It's a really basic thing to say, but the actual emotion is much deeper than love. It's an extremely potent and profound emotion. I've had a lot of experiences that have changed me, and morphed my view on reality. Music however, is something that has had one of the biggest impacts. I've made friends/family through music. It has helped me understand things about life that can't be explained with words. Art and expression connect us on a level nothing else can. I hope this music helps you: think, create, and connect.”

Mt. AnalogueThings got wild at 515 Alive this past weekend in Iowa, where The TRIFINITY had its second performance. Mt. Analogue performed on the Thunderdome stage B2B Yheti B2B Toadface B2B a damn kiddie pool filled with spaghetti. No joke.

The TRIFINITY’s official debut live se at The Untz Festival this past June. There was a third, east coast iteration of The TRIFINITY scheduled for yesterday at Down To Earth Festival, but flooding canceled the performance, and the trio performed solo sets at a pop-up even in Rochester, New York. A rescheduled east coast TRIFINITY event is in the works.

Strohmenger will be performing a Mt. Analogue set at the Transparent Gathering in Granby, Connecticut at the end of September alongside Zebbler Encanti Experience, Tsimba, and Maxfield. He's at Player's Pub in Bloomington, Indiana at the end of October with The Widdler and Pushloop.

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