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Favorite ThisTop 10 Drum & Bass Songs of 2013

Published: December 10, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013Drum ‘n’ bass is literally a godsend. Most claim that God was dreaming away the seventh day, but in all honesty he was layering the sweet foundations for what would one day become that drum and that bass. Something about the hypnotic drum patterns just ease the mind like no other genre can. Liquid drum ‘n’ bass is more nutritious than a granola bar and a glass of orange juice. The heavy stuff just makes you want to run at astronomical speeds like Tom Cruise in every single movie he’s ever been in. Except for Born on the Fourth of July. He didn’t run much after the first 20 minutes of that one. Everyone’s got their weapon of choice, but there’s one facet we can all agree on; drum ‘n’ bass is the greatest thing since sliced cheese. Eating some pepper jack, bumping some heavenly tunes, and drinking wine out of a can Always Sunny-style. Our kind of party. 

10. ShockOne - Home ft Reija Lee
ShockOne – “Home” (Feat. Reija Lee)
There’s absolutely no denying the pure epicenes that stems from each immersive moment of Universus. ShockOne’s momentous LP is a sonic journey through undulating bodies of sound, roping listeners in with his ever-evolving approach to drum ‘n’ bass. “Home” is a prime example of this phenomenon, gently coating the fiery vocals of his sister with haunting instrumentations. Guess talent runs deep in this Australian family.

9. Rudimental - Powerless ft Becky Hill
Rudimental – “Powerless” (Feat. Becky Hill)
Rudimental’s album was easily one of 2013’s most cohesive and silky releases. Each alleviating tune created its own unique ambiance, divulging the deepest of emotions amongst anyone who tuned into their live, vocal-based styling. Home kept you guessing, and you never really knew what to expect next. Would you get a steady flowing garage tune, or maybe a rampant drum ‘n’ bass anthem? “Powerless” strayed towards the latter, effortlessly synthesizing Becky Hill’s admittance of an uncontrollable desire for her lover over Rudimental’s vigorous production.

8. Etherwood - Begin By Letting Go
Etherwood – “Begin By Letting Go”
Etherwood’s eponymous debut was easily the greatest thing to happen in the liquid drum ‘n’ bass community this year. Shit, probably even the last three or four years. The recent med school enlistee released an album that leaves you awe-struck. There’s no need to talk or overthink your current existence. Like the song says, “Just sit still now and begin by letting go.” An upcoming producer who can also sing like there’s no tomorrow? Yea, we highly recommend getting on that Etherwood tip right about now.

7. Camo & Krooked - Dreamcatcher ft Lemâitre
Camo & Krooked – “Dreamcatcher” (Feat. Lemâitre)
Camo & Krooked loves to keep people on their toes; whether it’s through mind- boggling performances, immense production abilities, or infinite emotional peaks and valleys. Could it be the intricate layering that makes every track so potent yet entirely visceral? Whatever the case, we just can’t seem to get enough. “Dreamcatcher” creates a tightrope effect for their listeners, allowing them to experience deep emotions and palatable fear for a brief moment before reintroducing radiant bursts of blissful synthesizers to save them from falling. 

6. Frank Hamilton - Summer (Draper Remix)
Frank Hamilton – “Summer” (Draper Remix)

Attempting to pigeonhole Draper into any single genre would be like running through the streets hoping to grab hold of a pigeon. Just isn’t going to happen. The burgeoning musician plays by his own rules, and “Summer” is a brilliant testament to this. The shimmering remix takes on Frank Hamilton’s indie-pop vocals, allowing them to shine like never before with his fresh baked batch of instrumentations. We dare you not to smile while bumping this baby. Punchy drums, alleviating synths, and an uplifting ambiance that will remind you of summer days from start to finish.

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