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Published: April 30, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

15. Neutralize - Lost
Neutralize - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
Neutralize’s “Lost” can best be described as a serotonin-heightening symphony. Mellow samples of falling rain gracefully coalesce with an orchestral atmosphere, shutting out your “Everyday Struggle” and making life seem a lot more “Juicy.” How’s that famous lyric go; “It was all a dream?”

14. Draper - Flashback
Draper - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
“Flashback” is the perfect song to end an adventurous summer day. You took in some rays, drank a few IPA’s, then a few more, and maybe even got the number of a cute honey on the beach. Time to chill out with a little Draper, and then do it all again tomorrow.

13. Foner - Trying To Find A Balance
Foner - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
Besides the intro of “Trying To Find a Balance” which crudely screams “Shut the fuck up,” we can almost guarantee this bad boy will leave your jaw dropped wide open. Soulful hip-hop beats serves as a crucial backbone to just one of Foner’s nostalgic creations, neatly packaged From Russia with Love.

12. Dynasty Electric - Eyes Wide Open (Demure Remix)
Demure - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
While this mystical body of sound is actually called “Eyes Wide Open,” after one listen you’ll presumably have your eyes completely shut. Bewitching guitar plucks and jaw-dropping vocals effortlessly conceive an alleviating aura, drifting your thoughts towards mountain tops, delicious burgers, or whatever you dream about.

11. Blackbird Blackbird - It Was U
Blackbird Blackbird - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
Blackbird Blackbird is well-known for exploring a wide spectrum of soundscapes, but it’s his downtempo creations we’re most interested in right now. “& It Was U” fills a blank canvas with vivid colors, brightening your current contemplations as the night grows dim. Rinse, press repeat, and then do that about a thousand more times.

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