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Favorite ThisSoulacybin premieres trippy new track 'Shrums'

Published: July 24, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

SoulacybinFor years, John LaBoone has been a go-to act in Colorado's bustling psybass community. Soulacybin has always been a reliable act for psychedelic bills in Denver and Boulder, but has broken out into the more national and even international markets over the past year through steady production and improvement of his sound.

Tomorrow (July 25), LaBoone releases his latest album, Slug Cuddles, on Street Ritual, which has become a regular outlet for his work. It comprises much of what makes Soulacybin's music popular amongst midtempo aficionados. There are a few different glitchy looks, as well as a barrelful of left-field flavors and sonic elements that keep fans on their toes.

Shrums” is the album opener, dropping the listener right into a psychedelic soundscape of flickering tracers, scampering wobbles, and drums that fly all over the place. It's a twisted tale of bass-fueled grooves that really kick into high gear as the song progresses. It's a magical midtempo track that is a huge win for fans of Whitebear or Kalya Scintilla. You're going to want to grab this album when it's out tomorrow—it's everything a psy explorer needs for their morning commute.

Tags: Glitch