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Favorite ThisOPIUO drops crowd-pleaser 'Botrok' ahead of big announcement

Published: December 20, 2017

By: Kevin Sanders

OPIUO Red RocksLike most everything about the United States, one of the preeminent aspects of the music scene is the constant emigration of foreign-born talent, using the American platform to help them find a niche that vaults their career into something recognizable.

One of the current prodigies rounding the circuit is the glitch hopping, beat dropping, head bobbing, Kiwi-born OPIUO, who is already gearing up to drop a new album before his last chart topper Omniversal has fully vacated the soundscape. Sticking with his signature samples and borderline inimitable style, “Botrok” is exemplary of Oscar Davey-Wraight’s aptitude with Ableton, and may as well as come with a warning label it’s so dangerously catchy. Getting right into the thick of it, the beat wastes no time in getting deep and heavy while still maintaining a BPM that forces you off your feet and guilt’s you from suppressing that primal urge to boogie. 

Hitting up stops all over the country on a slew of different tours, the live show somehow dwarfs his massive tracks, so be sure to check out this man from the far side of the world who mercilessly invades both your speakers and sonic receptors. The latest news puts OPIUO atop one of the most iconic venues on the planet, playing Red Rocks on April 21 with SunSquabi next year. Congrats, and see you in Morrison, Colorado!

Tags: Glitch