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Favorite ThisNiT GriT and SubDocta team up on 'Chaos Theory'

Published: July 4, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

NiT GriT x SubDoctaIt's been a long time coming, but we finally have a new song from the legend, NiT GriT, and to make this historic date even more special, it's a collab with SubDocta. The master and the wunderkind came together for “Chaos Theory,” which can only be screamed out loud as Butters from South Park, preferably in costume as Professor Chaos.

Danny Beall's Nit GriT sound is so iconic that it jumps right out at you even after all these years. Then Preston Charles gets in there with all his little production tricks being careful to let that sound ride high while still giving this track a modern feel.

We had the absolute honor and privilege of hosting both of these fine artists at The Untz Festival this year (SubDocta for round 2), and there were so many happy faces reveling in the return of Nit GriT. Both of these guys are busy this summer with a number of dates all over the country—make sure to nail down where you'll be seeing them next.

Tags: Dubstep