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Favorite ThisMochipet honors late father's memory with Godzilla Resurgence

Published: May 19, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

MochipetDavid Wang is a 50-story tall looming presence in the west coast bass scene. Mochipet has been central to the sound's expansion since the very beginning. Known for his explosive energy and punishing sound, his latest release takes on a more personal touch.

Recently Wang lost his father, and not only is his EP, Godzilla Resurgence dedicated to his memory, but all proceeds will be going towards his funeral and burial costs, which we all know can be brutal and unforgiving.

While the EP is a tribute to his late father, Mochipet doesn't hold back at all on these songs. It's a furious, cinematic affair complete with fire-breathing monsters and plenty of insanely heavy tunes. Fans of the heavy stuff look no further than this one.

Also please consider chipping in to help out with the memorial fees. It's the absolute least we can do for a behemoth in our industry.

Tags: Dubstep