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Favorite ThisMochipet - Hati Babi Bungkus (Subatomica Remix ft DJ Swamp) [FREE DL]

Published: June 8, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Recently, got involved with Mochipet's high-profile remix contest, which opened up the title track to his latest release, Psilocybin Samurai, along with the stems for album standout "Cractal Frunk" to the public. In addition to a boatload of prizes from Ableton, Serato, iZotope, and more, each contestant had their track judged by Z-Trip, ill.Gates, Mr. Lif, and edIT--which really turned out to be the true prize. After a neck-and-neck horse race, Matt Madonna's Pockitz project emerged victorious, but David Wang was so impressed by the entries in his contest, he decided to include a bunch of them on his new remix album.

Psylocybin Samurai Remixed features contributions from SugarBeats, Psy Fi, Mr Jennings, My Pet Monster, and so many more. Today's premiere comes courtesy of Subatomica and DJ Swamp. Former DMC Champion DJ Swamp impresses with a flashy show of turntablism prowess. It's really no wonder the guy walked away with the crown and toured with Beck. Glitchy soundscapes form the perfect foundation for this off-kilter reworking, which eventually shifts rhythms and styles and trips down the lane merrily like a madman.

The 24-track album is an absolute beast, including a wild variety of genres and bouncing along from unpredictable take to unpredictable take. It's a fun ride, and worth grabbing tomorrow (June 9) from Daly City Records.

Pre-orer Psilocybin Remixed

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