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Favorite ThisKaminanda remixes Poranguí for Desert Trax

Published: October 31, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

KaminandaToday we premiere a brand new track from Kaminanda, who remixed Poranguí, the multi-instrumentalist and producer from Brazil, for the Desert Trax label. Fans might remember Poranguí from high-profile Desert Dwellers live gigs, and now he's got a new remix album dropping on their label.

Amongst the remixers, fans will find SOOHAN, AtYyA, Shaman's Dream, Drumspyder, and Numatik, but we've selected the Kaminanda remix because of its great depth and fascinating delivery. We've noticed his tracks have begun to take on epic movements and really hearken back to his jam roots and he fully realizes every single note, phrase, and melodic refrain along the way. That, and his tempos are getting faster and faster as he creates internationally powerful tunes that work in all sorts of settings.

Poranguí worked with Mitch Shultz (DMT: The Spirit Molecule), and Joe Rogan favorite Aubrey Marcus on the document, Ayahuasca, which was set in the Amazon and came out last year. The original album was inspired by that process, and now this remix album continues the sonic adventure where the film left off.

Tags: GlitchPsytrance