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Favorite ThisEliot Lipp premieres 'Tracker' from Come to Life out May 13

Published: April 27, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Eliot LippIf you obsess over Eliot Lipp's live streams (like I have the pleasure of doing with Mux Mool), you'll know the Tacoma-based hip-hop producer is experiencing a vinyl renaissance. One look around his living room will unearth a treasure trove of dusty delights reaching back across the decades, which is exactly what informs his latest album, Come to Life.

Vintage horns, rattling jazz kits, and chopped and screwed Wurlitzers make up a lion's share of the new album dropping May 13th on Pretty Lights Music. Relics relegated to forgotten bins in the corner of record stores now get a new life (wait, what's that, did I make an allusion to the album title?) in this new record, but only in the truest Lipp fashion. Which is to say, samples are reworked, flipped, reversed, and layered to make something wholly new.

My ear caught "Tracker," at first, and I had to have it, because I'm on a 70's cop show kick. Mannix, Kojak, Barretta, these tough-as-nails, take-no-guff lawmen kicked ass and took names, and that's exactly what this gem says to me. And it's got some pretty tight flute, too. Filling the pocket with thick drum licks and a steady bassline, we'll just assume this is Eliot's new cop show he's pitching to the networks. Grab this album from PLM next month. It's a good one.

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