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Favorite ThisChase Miles delivers chilled hip-hop vibes on From Janky To Swanky

Published: August 24, 2016

By: Gabriel Howes

Seattle-based electronic producer Chase Miles brings his talents to the forefront with debut LP, From Janky To Swanky.

Getting an Old Tacoma Records release, From Janky To Swanky is an ambrosial blend of solstice feelings, uptempo grooves, and tasteful melody.

Each song, while unique and flavorful down to the track, gives off a great chilled out summer vibe. Between opener ‘Jonah Complex’ to the blending of hip-hop and electronic inspirations in ‘Swank’, Chase Miles couldn’t have done any better delivering this eight-track debut album.

Eliot Lipp and Matt Baloogz have dedicated Old Tacoma Records to showing off their personal tastes and tipping new acts, and this certainly shows in their signing of Chase Miles. You can even get a pina colada-scented air freshener when you grab this disc from the homies. How can you top that?

With the release of his From Janky To Swanky LP, he takes the next step by inviting all to experience his innovative sound.

Get From Janky To Swanky from Old Tacoma Records!

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