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Favorite ThisDaft Punk - Around The World (Sharkoffs Remix)

Published: January 15, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Further evidence to support our claim that 2015 is the year of drum & bass comes from Sharkoffs, the anonymous DJ and producer based out of Miami. Taking Daft Punk's classic "Around The World" and giving it a D&B makeover, the blend of electro and drum and bass really takes the iconic tune to a new place.

Pushing the BPM envelope is not new for Sharkoffs, but the resurgence in the genre is enticing for us old-school heads. It's a return to the sound of our youth, and if you throw in the most important electronic duo of all time, the result is magical.

Download the Sharkoffs remix of Around The World!

Tags: Drum and BassElectro