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Favorite ThisCrushendo - Trouble

Published: April 3, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano
If you mixed together some iced tea, lemonade, and a little sweetener, you would have yourself a tasty Arnold Palmer. Now if you mixed soul-shattering bass tones, high-flying synths, and carefully crafted soundscapes, you’d have yourself a Crushendo, served best chilled on the high rocks of Boulder, CO.

The duo consisting of Cody Yozipovic (Frequent C) and Julian Garland (The Candyman) are on their grind. The two incredibly talented producers have been on a mission lately, and it involves piecing together fine tuned glitch hop rhythms with a unique style of classically intelligent bass music to create a steezy sound that will rock anyone’s world. Crushendo (formally known as Slim Thugz) has been creating quite a buzz lately after the success of their potent and groovy Simplify Recordings debut Drop Logic EP, while also piecing together a slew of hell-raising switch ups in the form of remixes from artists like Awolnation, Chris Brown, and The Joker.

On the group’s latest release, “Trouble,” the two take their sound in a whole new direction while retaining the aspects that make it so intriguing. The cut opens with a head bobbing extended intro that loads some eerie and immersive synths into a Civil War cannon and than unleashes its full force. The funky, chopped up soundscapes are much more in-your-face than most songs from the duo, but it is a well-received musical blunt force trauma that will truly get any crowd on their feet. The cut features a mesmerizing orchestra that is perfectly woven in between each musical note, and is the true trademark that Crushendo seems to stamp on all their tracks to produce a sound that is tantalizing and symphonic.

“Trouble,” is another instant classic in a long line of bass crunching original cuts from the Boulder duo. Crushendo has shown that there are no signs of letting up after their previous EP, and that they have much more in store for anyone who is willing to listen and get down to their limitless creations.

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip Hop