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Favorite ThisRobotic Pirate Monkey: "Colors in Disguise: Remixed" Review

Published: July 6, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Over the last few years, Boulder based trio Robotic Pirate Monkey has exploded at an incredible rate with a unique sound that combines glitched out soundwaves with catchy samples that will have a party rockin’ till the wee hours of the morning. What originally started as a project releasing mostly bootlegs and remixes has now evolved towards a focus on original tracks, and this jump has taken their sound to a whole new level.  

On the group’s latest burst of musical creativity, the trio lets a team of 18 rising stars in today’s EDM culture take a crack at songs from their most recent release dubbed Colors In Disguise: Remixed.

Opening up the album is “Hellivator,” which gets the remix from treatment from Knight Riderz and Sunsquabi. Knight Riderz fills the track with heart stopping bass lines that layer perfectly under ominous echoes, while Sunsquabi adds groovy, RATATAT style guitar rhythms that turn this track into an eclectic jam session.

CRNKN takes on “Moon on the Man,” and adds an armada of rambunctious drums fills and string samples; a tenacious revamp that continues to show how quickly the young producer is improving. “Party Animal” gets filled to the brim with glitched out instrumentations and effervescent wobbles by Unlimited Gravity, who churns up the buttery tune and makes it, well, even more buttery.

“Front Range Feeling” gets a complete reworking from Lazerdisk Party Sex, who turns the track into a bangin’ electro house anthem that will have any listener bouncing up and down from start to finish. Rodway absolutely murders his remix of “We Have No One,” which gets spliced up with catchy vocal samples and tropical island influenced jam sounds.

Crushendo remixes “Pantone Polygamy,” on a melody-driven, bass-fueled cut that is much different from much of the duos previous works. The “Timeline” remix is much heavier, and is a dubbed out gem that contains contagious dub womps and relentless synth lines.

Colors In Disguise: Remixed is a monstrous release that shines a light on a slew of producers who are coming up quickly in their respective scenes, while putting a whole new twist on an already impressive album.

Tags: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepElectroHard DanceHousePsytranceTranceGlitchHip HopDowntempoLivetronica