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Favorite ThisWUMP Collective's Campsite Compilation is out now

Published: August 21, 2017

By: Sanjay Gopal

There is a special kind of energy you feel when you have just witnessed a stellar musical extravaganza, when all that sound is still resonating in your head, between your ears and around the very terrain where the experience took place, and the following hours after may contain a sort of emptiness and peculiar awkwardness.

Yes, we know you’ve been there, and for exactly those nights, we bring you this mean menagerie of sonic revelry to add the right amount of momentum and carry you through to the daylight hours.

WUMP Collective, a loose affiliation of upstart bass producers around the country, has pulled together a jaw-dropping 16-track curated collection of tunes devoted to festival season. Imagine chilling with your homies at the campsite while all the wooks, spunions, and weirdos stroll through and drop their latest flavor. That's kind of what Campsite Compilation is all about.

The compilation gets straight to business with illanthrophy.’s recipe for “Master Mind;” just a dash each of cosmic stabs, funky Jurassic beats,slow rumbling moans, saw arps and chopped up vox, which happen to be vital elements of this compilation, all thrown into a trap/dnb ish blender and turned up to a swirling RPM to figuratively constitute a call to arms for the after-party goers to drop into a megawubalubadubdub + chip tune rollercoaster glides that give indications that the party is far from over.

The wide spectrum of dynamic range and electronic musicianship on display here must be noted as the tracks progress, transitioning between a bit of an old school thug vibe before pi and Stan comfortably sit you down in a Gramatik-esque sequence of piano jazz space-hop, outlined space delays and crystalline reverbs which is the winning play in my book for this compilation

There is ample rise and fall in the energies during these hours and the compilation accounts for the human energy cycles with beautifully undulating sounds, nascent vocal cuts, interspersed with gritty driving bass lines and electromagnetic current drops that plant you firmly into the earth's mantle while middle frequencies are seamlessly navigating through the waxing and waning of vibes and moods without losing some essential elements of melodic, funk-hop between slick instrumentation

WUMP CollectiveIn the second half of compilation which contains a satisfying number of samples, Matter brings back the grimy saw bass riding on trap like beats with a vengeance with “Move the Crowd.” No subtlety there!

The next track(s) get it on with some bouncy oriental trap, side guitar lead, tropical shamanic chants and sounds, layered with subtle “frrrrfssnnn" shakes

Pi Wrecks brings back that good old Gramatik vibe to bring down the level once more and let it all breathe with a switch to tone the bass back and let the other bands of frequency caress your ears and mind, subtly morphing around flavors to keep you interested, guessing yet comfortable...leaving a little well deserved room for introspection, perfectly transitioning into the wee hours of the morning with ethereal melodies

The halftime tone is set and Metasine's “Always Knew” with its slip-slidy sinusoidal movements and microproduction, gives room to connect and communicate supported by abstract speech reminiscent of Aqua's “Barbie Girl” in 2017. I find it to be an unfathomably addictive tune!

If that was too much of a human touch for now,,blast of back into the solar system ,namely to pluto.This track, “Destroy All Humans” by Pluto Era seems to voice the little ex planet’s displeasure with the homo sapiens at being disregarded as a planet! with a plethora of layers, sounds and clips to bring us around to the last and final phase of our sonic sojourn.

Light grainy distortion guitar driven, jagged step, bionic alloy—Phil Bear in “Space Butts” tells us the end is near and it's time to get down and dirty because you may regret it if you don’t. “Desire is a liar unless it's on fire.” What?

FunkStatik's “This Way” sets the sign off tempo with a heavy, 4-to-the-floor slow but sure womp-oomph-ladidesque andante alien (chillout/downtempo) industrial boogie. By now you must have got your due course of electro bass cardio to your heart's content.

We end with some definitive, synthed up, arpegiated, dimension-shattering sound bending by Eyes Ahead. The bass line is very hard rock and satisfying, and sounds like a promising ode to a well deserved pat on the back for going hard,day and night, au revoir. Try and find the smoothly interspersed sample of the 90's R&B smash “No Diggity” by Blackstreet.

What is evident here is that WUMP Collective has made a statement. This fiery crew has the membership and talent to make a real dent in the scene.

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