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Favorite ThisWhat The Festival (July 26-28 - Wolf Run Ranch, OR) adds BIG ART EXPERIENCE

Published: July 3, 2013
What The Festival 2013As is the case with many of today's more progressive music festivals, the incorporation of art into the ambiance of the event has become immeasurably important. Visual arts and well as performance arts are becoming more an more ingrained in the festival culture, but the "biggest" and most obvious medium are the massive art installations that cover festie grounds and serve as landmarks, photo ops, and sheer marvels of wonder to attendees.

Oregon's What The Festival, taking place July 26-28th at Wolf Run Ranch in Dufer (just outside of Portland), is bringing in the big guns for this year's event. They scoured the West Coast searching for artists who match the aesthetic vision of the festival, and have a unique piece to share with WTF's discerning crowd. Below are just a few of the favorites fans will enjoy on-site.

Remember, time is running out in our huge What The Festival contest. We're giving away a pair of passes to one lucky winner, who will get to enjoy A-trak, Flosstradamus, Gramatik, PANTyRAiD, RJD2, and more at this year's massive shindig. Don't be left out in the dark!

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Rob Bell, Zomes

Rob Bell, Zomes

The Zomes of Rob Bell have delighted travelers far and wide who have been drawn to their alluring forms. The energy within harnesses a nostalgia for the primordial with a deeply meditated vision of the future. These beautiful inter-celestial escape capsules free the imagination from constraining thoughts and previous perceptions regarding structure.

Sam Johnson, King Dazbog

Sam Johnson, King Dazbog

We are pleased to welcome Boise-based artist, Sam Johnson and his life-sized dinosaur puppet, King Dazbog to What The Festival 2013! At 25′ tall and 60′ long, King Dazbog is a fully moving, glowing nighttime art piece designed to interact with large crowds of people. Don’t be surprised if you come across Dazbog lumbering fluidly and slowly across the nighttime landscape, but be careful around him–he gets jumpy!

Michael Christian, Sphae and Fire Flowers

Michael Christian, Sphae and Flowers

We are so excited to welcome back world-class installation artist Michael Christian to What The Festival! 2013. The “Sphae” and “Fire Flowers” are beautiful, playful, interactive. These surreal sculptures are inspired by the genius of nature, and are sure to make you smile!


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