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Favorite Thisvide lets 'Frozen' go on A 40oz Collective

Published: April 24, 2020

Story by: Anand Harsh

Photo by: Mikey Brooks (StarryNight Productions)

videI'm just gonna let it go and refuse to partake in any “Frozen” puns. Let's just head straight into the unknown.

Ryan Blank is back on the feeds with a new track out this month in conjunction with our friends at A 40oz Collective. This new vide heater has a glitchy, wonky, midtempo feel, so it's outside the far more subdued, darker realm from his crashed EP and some of his previous releases. This one is a little funkier, little groovier, and I personally can't wait to hear it on a proper system.

Speaking of proper systems, vide will be rejoining his Lost Dogz brothers Milano and Untitld at The Untz Festival this October at our new location in Yuba County. It's a treat having vide out on the west coast whenever possible, so we knowthe Lost Dogz fan base and the 40oz folks are happy to see him.

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