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Favorite ThisVibe Emissions reads us our 'Death Sentence'

Published: February 10, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

Vibe Emissions - Ridin' Music Vol. 3I make no secrets about my Vibe Emissions standom. I defy you to listen to any releases by Bryce Herlong and not become a raving fanatic, yourself. You have a lot to choose from, because he remains eminently prolific. Late last year, he released his Emit EP on Wubaholics, and he's already back with another three-track EP.

Today we tease the latest installment in Vibe Emissions' Ridin' Music series. Ridin' Music Vol. 3 blends Bryce's brand of dubstep with not only the hip-hop meccas around his southern US outpost of Memphis, Charlotte, and Atlanta, but also west coast traditions, which you know we respect around here.

Death Sentence” is such a powerfully produced tune, it speaks for itself. While Herlong's traditional dubstep sound puts him on the more psychedelic side of the spectrum, his Ridin' Music series always firmly establishes his hip-hop and trap bona fides.

Whenever The Untz Festival is allowed to take place, you'll be treated to the debut from Vibe Emissions, and I know tons of fans out west have been waiting for that for a long time.

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