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Favorite ThisTop 10 reasons Lightning in a Bottle is the best festival in the world

Published: June 4, 2015

Photos by: Juliana Bernstein (Get Tiny Photography) & Avi Gallant

Story by: Avi Gallant

Another year, another exciting edition of Lightning in a Bottle. At this point, The Do LaB can do no wrong, and when it's their turn to shine, boy do they crank it up to 11. While the crew is constantly throwing events and helping out with other festivals like Coachella, LiB really is the feather in their cap. This year, the lineup, venue, schedule, and art was in full force, and every single one of its attendees had a permagrin stapled to their face. Here are the 10 reasons Lightning in a Bottle is the best festival on the planet.

10. San Antonio Lake Recreation Area

Tucked up into Monterey County, California, San Antonio Lake is a gorgeous piece of property, and this year, The Do LaB used it to the max.

9. The People

Much like Burning Man, the community helps bring the party. You can't match the energy and flair of the LiB crowd. Costumes, crazy signs, and plenty of cuddle puddles make it as much about the fans as it is about what the festival provides.

LiB Bridge8. LiB cares about its fans

The Do LaB aren't just talkers, they walk the walk. People kvetched and they listenined. The crew built THREE massive bridges, put up more shaded areas, including the dance floors, and totally rearranged the festival layout. That meant less walking, less dust (with cool mulch dance floors and constant water trucks spraying down the paths), and more places to fill up on fresh clean water, And if you're gonna talk water, let's talk about the great water pressure.

7. Production

When it comes to production, stages, and structures, The Do LaB are the best in the business. And the coolest thing about all the incredible structures on-site? Made out of recycle materials!

6. Organization

From the box office to Will Call to parking and entry, dealining with 30,000 eager fans is no small matter, and the crew executed all this perfectly. Is it tough to get people out? Sure. But we're positive they'll have it figured out by next year.

5. Non-music lineup

Blowing all other festivals away with two massive yoga tents, The Village, Temple of Conciousness with Mystery School, Pineal Playground, Learning Kitchen, Healing Sanctuary, workshops, speakers, the Interactive Learning Area, and Permaculture Action Hub--you can't really fux with LiB.

G Jones - Nickelback4. G Jones' Nickelback shirt

Nuff said.

3. Killer music lineup

It was unbelievable the depth of talent that was spread over 6 stages; here's a Top 10 within a Top 10:

10. Soulular

9. JackLNDN

8. D.V.S*

7. Random Rab

6. Thomas Jack B2B Bakermat (complete with tequila shots at The Woogie)

5. GRiZ

4. OPIUO Live Band

3. Phutureprimitive

2. Goldroom

1. Odesza (of course)

2. Sell out without selling it out

Not only did Lightning in a Bottle sell out in growing its attendance by 30%, but it somehow managed to maintain the family vibe and intimacy it has always fostered. That's impressive.

1. The LiB Energy and Vibe

There's nothing quite like it. It's not just a music festival, but a real place on earth to raise your consciousness. You really do have to experience it to believe it. We recommend getting your ticket as early as possible for next year.

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