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Favorite ThisTop 10 Paradise Festival 2016 sets to see [Page 2]

Published: April 21, 2016

By: Kyle Rutherford

7. The Floozies

It’s going to be a full-blown dance party of epic proportions when the bearded brothers Matt & Mark Hill hit the main stage Saturday night. The All Good Records future funk heroes light up every single crowd they get in front of, with groovy guitar riffs, eclectic electronic production, Daft Punk-esque vocal distortion and danceable drum beats, their funky sound would make James Brown “feel good.” With a festival schedule including Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and FarmFest, and a name recognized music lovers everywhere, The Floozies are certain to have one of the biggest crowds at Paradise!

6. BoomBox

Taking their history as DJs and producers and meshing it with their psychedelia and jam roots, BoomBox really knows how to make a party happen. Without a single premeditated setlist, these seasoned veterans know how to connect with a crowd, take their energy and throw it back at them in the form of hip shaking grooves and high energy beats. With decades of experience between the two and 12 years performing together, Russ Randolph and Zion Godchaux (son of former Grateful Dead Members Donna and Keith Godchaux) will keep you moving at the main stage both Friday and Saturday night!

5. Turbo Suit

Ohio has always shown a lot of love for this Indianapolis trio ever since their inception, so this funky live electronic group always returns the favor with blistering live performances. Their most recent EP, Back to Life, is a phenomenal combination of old school disco and funk sounds mixed with a stripped down take on modern electronic dance music. While the band has moved towards a more conventional band sound compared to their former more electronic emphasized performances, this hasn’t stopped the trio from continuing to move feet at shows across the nation. Fortunately for Paradise attendees, Turbo Suit will be performing two nights, as well as hosting a VIP pancake breakfast!

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