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Favorite ThisTop 10 Chemical Brothers Songs

Published: April 30, 2015

By: Gregory Crocker

The Chemical BrothersThe godfathers of Big Beat/Breakbeat, The Chemical Brothers have been rocking crowds for the better part of three decades. Their signature funky hip-hop groovy sound put them at the forefront of the dance music revival of the mid-to-late 90’s along with other timeless dancefloor legends like The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, and Fatboy Slim.

Having delved into the world of movie scores mostly for the past half decade or so, they’re firing back with their first full length studio album in five years this summer, Born In the Echoes. Over the years, the pair have created some of the most energetic, fun, entertaining music of the Generation X era. In honor of the timeless duo, here is a countdown of 10 of their best songs.

10. Hey Boy Hey Girl

Quite possibly their most well-known song, and coming off of their best-selling album ever, this timeless rave classic has been remixed more times than anyone cares to count. As it fluidly flip flops back and forth between breaks and house beats, rising and falling through a torrent of groove, you truly get an understanding of why so many people have come to love their music so deeply and enthusiastically.

9. It Began in Afrika

One of their more out there and interesting songs, this one still managed to be a hit, demonstrating you don't have to play it safe with dance music. With a classic rave sound, this turn of the century trance banger is complete with Afrobeat drums and heavy 4 to the floor bassline, showing just how eclectic their musical range can be.

8. Setting Sun ft Noel Gallagher

Featuring the voice of alt-rock legend Noel Gallagher (of Oasis fame), it’s no wonder this was the first of The Chemical Brothers' two #1 charting singles. This fast paced, aggressive, rock-rave hybrid could make the most somber of people hop on the dance floor, showing that this music wasn’t just reserved for kids on drugs in clubs, but something that anyone could find enticing.

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