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Favorite ThisThazDope Records is trying to break the internet for 4/20.

Published: April 20, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

ThazDope RecordsStrap it down, because 4/20 is a big fucking deal for ThazDope Records, and they made damn sure to make a splash for their high holiday this year. Grab a snack, preferably something with a lotta protein, because there's a lot to get to, and I don't want you passing out on me.

1. April 20, 2017 marks the third anniversary of ThazDope. I don't have to tell you how far the label has come, because we're posting about them every damn day, and you know by know all the crazy shit they've got their hands in all around the country with festivals, pop-up sets, new releases, and scouting out the best talent in the underground bass scene.

2. Speaking of underground talent, the crew has basically found all the up-and-comers they can to break in the inaugural Sacred Wellness event, taking place December 7-10 just outside Chicago, Illinois at Pheasant Run Resort. Attention: this is not a festival. It's a wellness conference featuring seminars on permaculture, yoga, audio production clinics, a VJ clinic hosted by Zebbler Studios that will teach artists and production heads alike how to build a projection stage from start to finish—oh yeah, and of course a well-rounded music lineup, but that's not the main focus. Think of it more like a retreat for mind, body, and soul where you can learn, relax, and yes, get down to some tunes, as well. For a weekend not all about the music, they sure did go all out on the lineup. Tickets are now on-sale at

Sacred Wellness Phase 1

3. The Wake The Nation tour has unveiled its secret May 21st date. The crew will hit Orange Beach, Alabama following The Hangout Festival for this unofficial party featuring a ton of familiar ThazDope heavy-hitters. They'll be descending upon Live Bait with beardthug, JuJu Beats, Zeplinn, and more, so that will soften the Sunday blow of a big time festival coming to an end.

Wake The Nation - Hang Out

4. The following weekend, ThazDope Records has officially been invited to invade Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois, bringing the ruckus to the people on Sunday, May 28th with a big ol' crew for the takeover. Expect tons of surprises and plenty of bass.

ThazDope Summer Camp

5. Now we get into release territory. smith. x SpankaliciousBreadtruck” remixes went live today. You can bite into a full 15 remixes from artists across the label including beardthug, Eazybaked, ColtCuts, Psynatra, Devious, and so many more. This is a big honkin' remix pack.

Breadtruck remixes

6. The grand marshall of ThazDope Records' team, Danny Grooves, is putting his “Rock Em Up” stems out into the world to crowdsource some dope remixes. Send those bad boys in to for consideration. Best of luck to you. Click here for the stems.

Danny Grooves

7. ThazDope's first international release dropped today. GreenLab out of Italy made a collaborative EP with Chillz Muzik out of Philadelphia, and Connected is also out on this high holiday. Bravo!


8. And finally, Smokestax x Brainrack EP What's In The Bag? came out this week. It's a fucking monster.

ThazDope Smokestax x Brainrack

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