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Favorite ThisSkydyed challenges the livetronica concept with Peace By Piece EP

Published: September 16, 2015

By: Sterling Martin

Out of the depths of exploratory jamtronica comes the sophomore studio release from Skydyed, a three-piece out of Fort Collins, Colorado. The trio has been experimenting with traditional electronic elements since its conception, but the Peace By Piece EP demonstrates leaps and bounds in production techniques that fuses contemporary EDM trends with good ol' fashioned chops.

The EP’s intro and title track, “Peace By Piece,” doesn’t take long before diving headfirst into an invigorating jam. A good amount of tension builds throughout the first half of the tune, which features a numbers of electronic flavors from psychedelic bass and 808 kicks, before taking a serious turn toward a heavier, upbeat groove with electrifying guitar riffs and elaborate synth-work.

Bringing things back down to a laid-back pace is “Find Yourself.” This journey begins with lush female vocal samples that drive the track straight into a couple of breakdowns full of flawless instrumentation—and full of energy.

You’ll find that the final song, “Making Moves,” is packed full of heavy synth basses and skillful progressions, which are guaranteed to have you “making moves” whenever you catch yourself listening to this latest Skydyed EP.

There aren’t many electronica-influenced bands out right now that have quite the sharp, organic sound Max Doucette, Shane Eagen, and Andrew Slattery seem to pull off effortlessly. Be on the lookout for these guys, because it won’t be long before they are headlining their own tours and selling out clubs and theaters—you heard it here first.

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