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Favorite ThisSignal Path - Some Take Flight

Published: January 2, 2012
By: Beth Ann Johnson
Colorado's livetronica trio Signal Path closed out their four-part seasonal project this winter with their latest release Some Take Flight. Once again, the visionary vibe squad comprised of Ryan Burnett, Damon Metzner, and Matt Schumacher proves that creativity knows no boundaries as they wrapped up their epic quadrILLogy. Building on the signature sound they forged with the earlier sections, the album commences with "Think About Your Mind," a glitch-heavy beat animated with laser bass sounds. Following the opener is a stunning mid-tempo track entitled "North Denver Hustle" that captures the contemporary vibe Signal Path's been known to favor. Concluding the EP, "Cold Creatures" features vocals by hip-hop and live-electronic sensation Burkey of Vokab Kompany. Adding funk and groove to the album, these California based MCs also appeared in "Gangsterer Than Me," a track from the first installment of the band's quadrILLogy. Having already toured with legendary jammers EOTO and STS9, Signal Path maintains their reputation as genre innovators, preserving their spot on future show bills alongside other leading names in the industry. 

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Tags: Livetronica