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Favorite ThisRapture Studios' Black Hole is among most ambitious comps of summer

Published: July 12, 2019

By: Jonathan Gross

Rapture Studios - Black HoleThe equivalent of a summer blockbuster just blasted its way onto the big screen for bass fans. Ohio's Rapture Studios just pulled off one of the most ambitious crossover events in underground bass histroy. With Black Hole, the label pulled off contributions from some of the fastest rising stars in our scene.

Between Kursa, VCTRE, Black Carl!, TLZMN, Moniker, Crimbrule, beardthug x Kliine, Omnist, Engix x Zuni, and even more, this compilation is like the hall of fame for bass lovers. There's halftime, drum & bass, deep dubstep, and so many more styles and shapes represented in this package. Kudos to the crew for being able to pull together this much serious heat. I'm getting hot flashes thinking about all 20 of these tracks (that can be all yours as a download).

Rapture Studios has been improving by leaps and bounds, moving into a vacuum previously unfilled and putting out stacked comp after stacked comp. I'm impressed and honestly shocked, but excited to be living in this time. Go get it.

Next month, Rapture takes over Main Street Armory in Rochester, New York with LEViTΔTE, Black Carl!, SLAVE B2B Visive, Nik P, and XAV B2B Half Human on August 16th.

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