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Favorite ThisPathwey drops 10 IDs in his 1-hour Aquatic Collective mix

Published: April 22, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

PathweyThis month, Pathwey dropped a staggering number of IDs into his hourlong mix for Aquatic Collective. The guest mix Andrew Bunyan assembled for the crew (and for the culture) features a ton of unreleased tunes, collabs with Iyakuh and Moondrop, and one of my favorite tracks from last year, “Conscious,” with Murkury and Grime Theory that came out on Aquatic.

Pathwey sits right at the border between deep dubstep and psy bass. The tunes range from groovy to grimy to trippy, and the mix itself is equally at home in the quarantined environs of our headphones as it would be on a big, banging system, which it truly deserves.

I can't believe I have to wait another 6 months until I can appreciate Pathwey on a big rig, but when we're finally able to enjoy The Undergrowth takeover at The Untz Festival in California this fall featuring Pathwey, Vibe Emissions, and the aforementioned Murkury, it'll be well worth the wait.

Pathwey - AquaticTracklist:
Pathwey - ID
Iyakuh & Pathwey - Woju Nawate [Code 9 Audio]
Pathwey x Ecometric - Shadow Dance [Shanti Planti]
Pathwey - ID
Iyakuh & Pathwey - ID
Pathwey x DRDK - ID
Pathwey - ID
Pathwey x Murkury x Grime Theory - Conscious [Aquatic Collective]
Gisaza - Sandu’s Tale [Deep End]
Pathwey x Alejo - ID
Pathwey - ID
Detox Unit & Hullabalo0 - Watchu Need (Iyakuh & Pathwey Remix)
Quanta - Connecting Patterns (Pathwey Remix)[Shanti Planti]
Pathwey - ID (ft. Moondrop)
Pathwey - ID
Pathwey - ID (ft. Moondrop)

Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitch