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Favorite ThisEvanoff is channeling some livetronica giants on 'Aesthetic Arrest'

Published: December 13, 2016

By: Alexandra Gimpel

EvanoffAppreciate the beauty of Evanoff’s new single, “Aesthetic Arrest” for its ability to blend electronic and jam while simultaneously transporting fans to another realm. A cosmic vibe ensues in “Aesthetic Arrest” which provides the song with the opportunity to take you on a journey to outer space through the unexpected and remarkable blending of chords.

The fusing of jam and electronic flavors that Evanoff whips up is nothing short of majestic. It even has the power to make you feel as if you have overcome the biggest obstacle in your life. Prevailing against that obstacle, through the exceptional build up of intense central chords, guitarist JJ Evanoff, bassist Parker Oberholzer, and drummer Jake Hall transcend the mortal plane, and if you enjoy STS9, you’ll definitely want to check out “Aesthetic Arrest.”

The boys are touring hard, once more, hitting the road with Vibe Street and knocking out dates in the midwest and northeast, as well as playing big festival slots at Gem & Jam and Euphoria. No rest for these dream rockers.

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