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Favorite ThisCrywolf achieves 'Quantum Immortality'

Published: October 5, 2016

By: Gregory Crocker

CrywolfCrywolf’s new track, “Quantum Immortality,” has an all-around fitting tone to it. Named after a beautifully complex idea, this song has a beautifully complex sound with beautifully constructed and orchestrated vocals.

The echoing, vibratory, pulsing bass line and backround vocals give you the feeling of spiraling through a vortex (or windows visualizer, if those still exist). A truly amazing track, I would personally highly recommend it especially for the enthusiasts of the alternative side of the electronic music listeners.

Justin Taylor Phillips closes out his Rising live tour with dates in Philadelphia, DC, Santa Cruz, and San Diego next weekend and the one after that.

Tags: DubstepElectronica