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Favorite ThisCrack Tracks: Feeding Your EDM Addiction - Volume 1

Published: January 7, 2014
By: Jordan Calvano

Sh*t You Missed: EDM Week in review [Dec 21-Jan 3]The mantra of Crack Tracks is simple: “We scour the Internet so you don’t have to.” Every single day we find stunning tracks that we don’t have time to post, and that can get frustrating. There are too many good artists going unnoticed on The Untz, and this series is our attempt to further put a dent in all the electronic music that continues to stream from far reaching corners of the world.

With Crack Tracks, we want to focus on artists and specific styles that aren’t getting as much attention here. This weekly series will highlight some of our favorite songs that we haven’t already covered, targeting artists releasing music more addicting than crack itself. The type of music you can’t get enough of. One hit just wont suffice. Are you ready to get high with us?

Sango - BB Don't Cry (It's Gon' Be OK)
Sango is on fire lately. The Midwest producer has more than enough talent to become America’s next great beatmaker, working with hip-hop and R&B artists like Waldo and JMSN while continuously building an undeniable repertoire of visceral slappers. “BB Don’t Cry (It’s Gon’ Be Ok)” has guilty pleasure written all over it, gently coalescing elements of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” and “Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” with Sango’s own luscious instrumentations to create pure, audio meth.

Japanese Wallpaper ft Wafia - Breathe In (Daktyl Remix)
Japanese Wallpaper and Wafia’s recent collaboration was utterly breathtaking. The sixteen-year-old producer and burgeoning vocalist were born to work with one another, layering their respective talents together and proving just how hot Australian dance music has been lately. With Daktyl’s poignant remix, we lose nothing from the original and gain a multitude of shimmering synthesizers perfectly crafted for those warm summer months (yeah, it’s summer down under). “Breathe In” sounds good now, but just wait till June rolls around. 

Sweater Beats - Cloud People
Sweater Beats
808’s have become a blessing and curse in electronic music lately. They can entirely shift the dynamic of any one song, but overusing their holy powers often takes away from the track’s melody and core components. Most people associate them with bass-heavy anthems, but often enough 808’s fit best alongside a subdued beat. On “Cloud People,” we get the best of both worlds. Sweater Beats hits listeners with deep bass and light hi-hat roll to get their shoulders grooving, orchestral production to ease the mind, and dreamy vocal samples to ignite the steady beating of any listener’s heart.

Maor Levi - Maor Levi's 2013
Maor Levi
2013 was a huge year for Maor Levi, so why not show off a little? The Israeli producer threw together a 36-minute mix highlighting his year in review, hitting his fans with all killer and no filler. No random Beatport anthems randomly scattered in. That would be too easy. Instead, we get all Maor Levi everything. Official remixes, bootlegs, singles, and club mixes. Certain sections of the mix will have you dancing for joy, whilst others are focused towards intimate, more sentimental moments.

Cashmere Cat - With Me (Stwo Edit)
Stwo is on the come up. The French producer has become an unstoppable force these past six months, whipping up a mighty smorgasbord of hip-hop inspired beats that playfully dart between emotive and upbeat. “Syrup” and “Quiet Life” proved he could build something from nothing. Remixes of Drake, BASECAMP, and JMSN spotlighted his ability to aptly spice up a pre-cooked meal, so why not end a huge year with another appetizing supper? “With Me” shines a light on Cashmere Cat’s unique approach to production, pulling pieces from the original to surround his own atmospheric blend of rumbling bass lines and light xylophone synths.

St South - Slacks (Infinitefreefall Remix)

You probably haven’t heard of St. South or Infinitefreefall just yet, so here’s your chance to change all that. The original version of “Slacks” is indie-gold. St. South paints a vivid literary picture over a lightly electronic beat mixed with live-instruments, slowly hoping to regain her bravado via a daring tale of neglected romance. With Infinitefreefall’s minimalistic switch-up, we once again witness the original tracks’ core elements brightly shining through newfound flavors. The full range of St. South’s despondent lyrics and somber vocals sit flawlessly atop meticulous production, making this feel more like collaboration than a remix.

Atu - Doubts

Atu releasing a song like “Doubts” on the first day of 2014 couldn’t be more fitting. Something about a new year makes you reflect. Did you achieve more this year than the previous? Did you advance your career and open more doors? Often enough, though, this mental debate will make you doubt yourself. Even more fitting is the sample Atu chose to utilize, lightly pulling elements from “Skylark Interbang!” by Made In Heights to accommodate his own harmonious production. That along with vocal snippets stating “I didn’t mean to get so carried away” combine like otter-pops and a sweltering July afternoon.

The Ninetys - Obey
The Ninetys

“Obey” sits just under two minutes, but each individual second throughout the dance-worthy anthem packs such a colossal punch that you might forgot the song even ended and continue to turn up like New Year’s never fully commenced. This is the definition of forward-thinking bass music; coalescing consistent synth taps reminiscent of TNGHT’s work with crashing snares and fiery 808’s. Head over to Bandcamp and experience the diverse musical breadth #BlackSeries has to offer before everyone you know is buzzing about The Ninetys.

Esta - IMadeThisOutDoors

“IMadeThisOutDoors” has feel-good written all over it. The track is dark and undeniably deep, but it just feels good. Esta’s spaced-out creation will induce an instant musical coma, but you will simply feel good. Your bones start to tingle. Any stresses you might possess float away. Your eyes roll back, and the only thought buried deep within your cerebellum is “Damn Esta, those drums sound like heaven.” Than at 1:14, deep turns into deeper. We guarantee you’ll hit the repeat button. You need this “Crack Track” in your life.

Lux Moderna & Dubvirus - Opening the Pentagram EP
Lux Moderna & Dubvirus

Lux Moderna and Dubvirus recently joined forces and brought us their Opening The Pentagram EP, and boy the result is something special. The entire release redefines the term cohesive, connecting fluctuating bodies of production with Kundaini Yoga mantras from Lux Moderna. Even if you’ve never meditated or participated in yoga, this release will affect you. You might not understand what Lux Moderna is chanting, but her radiant vocals will strike a chord amongst each square inch of your body. That is the beauty of music. We recommend heading to Bandcamp right about now and picking up your copy.

Mr. Carmack - Simpler
Mr. Carmack

Sometimes the best music doesn’t resonate on your first listen. Often enough the most cutting-edge releases are less accessible, requiring listeners to put some tender love and care into their relationship with each track before truly understanding. We are going to give you a fair warning: this might happen with “Simpler.” Even if you love Mr. Carmack, we have a feeling you might question what is happening on this specific track. Then, you start to get it. Then, you can’t stop pressing repeat. Then, you cut all ties with friends and family because you would much rather just bump “Simpler” all day.  Don’t cut all ties with family and friends because you would much rather just bump “Simpler” all day, but do press play and witness yourself injecting things like “Turn down for what” into every conversation you have. Sidenote: Soulection is about to take over the world in 2014. Just watch.

Himalia - Seeing Straight

Himalia is a chillstep master, and “Seeing Straight” simply confirms this. The British producer has been holding onto this beauty for a long time now, but we’re just glad he finally unveiled it to the world. And what timing, too? This was the exact recipe we needed to cure our unrelenting New Year’s hangover. Well, that and a lot of water, conversations with the porcelain, and a handful of toast. Himalia is the definition of underrated, but we have a good feeling that is going to change in the near future.

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