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Favorite ThisBust out your old prospector outfit, it's The Untz Festival theme days!

Published: May 4, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz Festival Phase 3Packing for a festival is difficult, but we're about to make your job a little easier. Introducing The Untz Festival theme days. We've got costume nights planned that tie us into our beautiful surroundings in Mariposa, Calif. We've been gifted with really rich history and a gorgeous natural setting, so we want to honor both of those subjects with our theme.

On Friday, June 3rd, we embody the Creatures of Yosmite. With breathtaking Yosemite National Park less than an hour from the festival grounds, it's only right that we pay tribute to the flora and fauna of the region. Spotted owls, black bears, the Serria Nevada red fox--we want you to dress up like these curious critters from northern California's iconic national reserve. But don't stop there, we want these forest inhabitants to get into our world a bit, so make sure that these costumes are as psychedelic as possible. It is the wild, wild west, after all.

On Saturday, June 4th, we pay homage to the men and women who settled the area during the Gold Rush. Mariposa has a rich history of easterners moving in to try their luck, as well as Mexicans coming north and bringing their Spanish traditions with them. It's a melting pot of cultures and greed that blossomed into one of the biggest migrations of the 19th century, and the reason behind California's rich history.

Celebrate the Gold Rush in a few different ways; you can break out your old prospector outfit, and work on your Yosmite Sam impression, you could go with a play on the Solid Gold disco and funk era with bright colors, afros, and roller skates, or you could just deck yourself out in anything gold! Heck, if you want to feed two birds with one seed (because we're not trying to kill any wildlife here), you could dress up as the golden-mantled ground squirrel common to the area and satisfy the requirements of both nights!

Old prospector"But what do I wear Thursday night?" you ask. Dress to rage, player. You know Thursday is busines time. You're going hard on a school night. Wear whatever you want!

Whatever you do, make sure you dress fun and festive, because this an intimate party in the woods with your best new friends, after all. We're bringing together some of our favorite artists like Phutureprimitive, The Werks, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, Mr. Bill, Wick-it The Instigator, Crywolf, Illenium, Said the Sky, Turbo Suit, Bass Physics, Marvel Years, Dynohunter, and more for a celebration of our underground electronic music predilections. This is cool music with cool people, so make sure you join us June 2-4 at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds for a weekend-long celebration of all things fun.

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