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Favorite ThisBest EDM Artists of 2014 - Top 10 Up-and-comers

Published: July 16, 2014

We on editorial staff tend to stray away from mainstream stuff. It's not that we don't care for it (some of it's good, to be sure), but we've always had a predilection for the underground stars.

We work in the strange niches of subgenres and smoky basements, where talented dance music DJs and producers toil in relative obscurity, until just that right opening slot comes along, or the perfect label picks them up, or that one remix just hits on SoundCloud. That's what gets our rocks off.

The 10 acts we've outlined below have been hustling. Slinging flyers and pounding the pavement to make their way to your earholes. And we are convinced that they are about to absolutely blow up in the back half of 2014. These are the up-and-comers to look out for.

10. Pleasure

The mainest man Sean McCarthy is killing it on the production front. With the "Summer of Pleasure" well underway with a couple of EPs in the bag (and one on the way, coming very soon), this new god of the trill is delicately placing sexy beats in your earholes for maximum enjoyment. And his Trill Kill Kult has returned. Welcome back!

9. Plantrae

Zak Hoya has quietly placed himself among the elite in the sacred bass world. Violin in hand, the unassuming performer pushes powerful, healing vibrations out into the world, and fans are beginning to really respond. The talented young producer and stringed sensation is starting to get back all the love he's spread tenfold.

8. Golf Clap

Bryan Jones and Hugh Cleal were kind enough to join us in the Electric Glen on the first day of Electric Forest. The next night, the house hounds from Detroit blazed up the Forest Stage with the deepest sounds of the weekend. Golf Clap is on a mission to spread the gospel from coast-to-coast, and they're well on their way.