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Favorite Thisyunis and Rohaan team up on blistering 'Ajna' collab on YUKU

Published: September 8, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

yunis - Amygdala EP

Hamburg's yunis has been one of the leading figures behind the nascent label YUKU's successful launch. The progressive bass outlet has been bubbling beneath the surface since the beginning of the year, but BALATRON's explosion into the left-field bass world last month brought buzz about the label up from a whisper to a dull roar.

Already “Dirty Solo” has been teased from yunis' Amygdala EP, but I'm thrilled today to be sharing a full sampling of just what YUKU has in store for fans.

Teaming up with Rohaan, who has been trending wildly in his own right (popping up on premier labels and fancy playlists), the pair close out the record with “Ajna,” a blistering beat experiment that has an inordinate amount of swing. It may not be the heaviest track on the collection, but it certainly makes a play for being the grooviest.

As part of YUKU's release plans, there's merch available in conjunction with the release (which features the stunning artwork). The label isn't churning out records at breakneck speed, underlining its quality over quantity ethos. The quality is evident, on its face, but it does make the wait between releases unbearable.

Pre-order Amygdala vinyl from YUKU

Tags: Drum and Bass