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Favorite ThisTycho - Awake

Published: October 15, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Always dancing quietly in the corner of the vast electronic wasteland, Tycho reaches into his back pocket and pulls out "Awake." You can feel the heartache, and wince at the tenderness of the bruises. This is blues for the modern age. With lonely guitar strains plucked from The xx and drenched in the Fleet Foxes' reverb, the melancholy is palpable, but not oppressive. So much is said without a word. Wistful and serence, we're experiencing a lucid dream where old lovers and dead friends gather at the edge of our consciousness. In Novebmer, Scott Hansen takes to the road for a brief tour in the western half of the US. Our friends to the east crave a Tycho show more than they can put into words, though. Here's hoping.