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Favorite ThisTut Tut Child: We're All Mad Here EP Review

Published: November 19, 2012
By: Molly Gale

This new release from London-based Nick Kingsley a.k.a. Tut Tut Child delivers more of that invigorating mix of hard-hitting bass and intricate melodic adventures.  His genre-blending sound is an amazing mix of drum & bass, dubstep, and moombahton.

“Singularity” drops into grungy, grimy bass without a moment’s delay.  With a monster drop that just doesn’t let up, this high-energybanger definitely gets the album raging right off the bat.

With a much more low-key feel, “Alive” features the angelic Emily Underhill.  Her song is beautiful, but sounds like a subtle warning.  Underneath her haunting melody, Kingsley builds a driving bass line gradually and gracefully.

“Card Shark” is a feel-good synth playground available for free download on Soundcloud.  This track has that signature Tut Tut grime accentuated by a siren melody.  I can only imagine how crazy this anthem would be live!

Featuring the talented Kendall Morgan, “Made It For Me” is a seamless blend of driving Drum  & Bass and heavyweight dubstep.  With a driving funk and an amazing build-up, this song has echoes of a Skrillex sound that remains heavy without dragging.

Up next is “Yockenthwaite”.  No, we don’t know what it means either.  This oddly named track is the most unique display of Kingsley’s talent on this entire album.  The drop is unlike any I’ve heard before and the entire song is a layered exploration of synth, sounds and samples. 

The album wraps up with the melodic “A Jester Affair”.  This track has a very unique rhythm and is very weighty without being heavy.  It’s a nice, mellow groove that is the perfect way to wind down a very well rounded album. 

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