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Favorite ThisTRAKA explodes onto our radar with YUKU EP

Published: December 30, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

TRAKA - Start Taking NoteIf some poor sap had the interest or perhaps more accurately, the mind-numbing boredom to go back and rack up all the premieres I did this year, they might find that YUKU scored the most points in terms of sheer volume by label. If not the numbers, it's possible YUKU got the highest stats when it comes to my own superlative descriptors.

The new-ish label out of central Europe has been coming in strong with insane halftime and experimental bass that is all about quality from artwork to merch. The artists have varied from legendary vets to complete newcomers, which brings us to today's act, TRAKA, a fresh graffiti crew out of Belgrade. I'm happy to turn “Isolated” from their debut EP, Start Taking Note, over to you.

Following an absolute behemoth of a groove, the back half of the track falls into a sound designer's dreamscape with all sorts of builds and sweeps and chaos. This is just the stuff for fans of NOISIA, Chee, and the likes. It's so emblematic of the type of releases YUKU has been throwing up this year.

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Tags: Drum and BassElectronicaHip Hop