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Favorite ThisTop 10 FARM Fest 2015 Artists

Published: June 22, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

FARM FestJust a few short years ago, a little transformational festival popped up on our radar in the unlikeliest of places: New Jersey.

F.A.R.M. Festival (which stands for Future of Artistic and Revolutionary Minds--pretty cool!!) has carefully grown and expanded over the years, and now in its third incarnation, boasts the biggest, and we think, strongest lineup, yet.

Having outgrown its old location, FARM Fest hits Buena Vista Campground in Buena, NJ from July 23-26, and has cultivated a bill of some of the brightest acts in jam, electronica, Americana, and funk. In addition to the music, the festival has also put a special emphasis on visual artists, which include Jeremiah Allen Welch, Michael Garfield, and more.

What makes FARM stand out is its dedication to the underground music scene. In addition to its bright, shiny headliners, there are some really cool smaller acts on the bill (as they've had in years past, as well) who really embody the spirit of an east coast transformational festival. There are a ton of terrific regional acts, and an equal supply of smaller artists from other parts of the country, as well. I've taken it upon myself to bring you the 10 artists that I don't think it would be wise for you to miss.

You can buy your tickets here, or you can try your luck at our big ticket contest!

10. Living Light

Eartha Harris is a total pro. If you're in need of some transformational healing, her sets are sonic spa treatments. Dive in.
9. Sixis
Ben Wyss is a producer we've been keeping a watchful eye on for the past couple years. Crafting these unbelievably dark and deep soundscapes, his music is right up our alley.
8. Marvel Years
After shredding live guitar alongside Manic Focus at SONIC BLOOM this past weekend, Cory Wythe goes on to do his own thing out east in his neck of the woods.

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