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Favorite ThisTop 10 Dubstep Songs of 2013

Published: December 16, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Top 10 Dubstep Songs of 2013It’s been a few years since dubstep was the most talked about, most loved, most reviled, and most overplayed genre in electronic music, but that doesn’t mean the body of sound hasn’t continued to evolve at an astronomical rate. It’s just more on the low, but we have no problem with that. That’s not to say the genre is going underground, but it’s definitely been removed from ranking as electronic music’s most hated and loved trend. That was so 2011, but the genre’s leading artists haven’t let that stop them. Some have moved on to other fads, whilst others continue to power away with that womp womp. This list proves that the genre is still going strong and will Never Say Die. We’ve got some classic names, but also a couple fresh faces. From the melodic to the downright gritty, these are our favorite dubstep songs of 2013.

10. Seven Lions - Fevers ft Minnesota & Mimi Page
Seven Lions - Fevers ft Minnesota & Mimi Page
Seven Lions wasn’t dropping unrelenting supplies of visceral crossover tracks like he did in 2012, but each song we did receive from the Santa Barbara resident was like gold to the eardrums. “Fevers” effortlessly coalesces the Seven Lions sound with ferverous instrumentations from Minnesota and Mimi Page’s ethereal harmonies, forever cementing in time the expertise of three cutting-edge Californians.

9. Habstrakt - Take That
Habstrakt - Take That
The music of Habstrakt resonates with dubstep fanatics who like it bouncy, old- school, and heavy. “Take That” is a bass-laden anthem with the punch of a pissed off Hulk Hogan in his prime, and getting in its way would be a terrible mistake. There’s a time for ambient, and there’s a time to just say “fuck it” and destroy the dance floor. Your anthem for the latter is posted directly below.

8. SirensCeol - Nightmare ft Sean Dee
SirensCeol - Nightmare ft Sean Dee
Take a deep breath before immersing yourself into “Nightmare,” because the emotions are overwhelming. You can taste them, hear them, and even feel them in the form of goosebumps rippling across your flesh. We haven’t heard a hip-hop and dubstep crossover executed to perfection and loaded with passion since Zeds Dead & Omar LinX release their Victor EP almost two years ago. Mad respect boys.

7. Xilent - Boss Wave
Xilent - Boss Wave
“Boss Wave” is a video-gamers wet dream packed tightly into four minutes of crunchy bass and trenchant 8-bit synthesizers. Then there’s the album cover, music video, and frequent coin flipping samples. Video game heaven has its new anthem. Video game porn has a new theme song. Don’t be ashamed to unveil your inner nerd when this one drops. That’s exactly what it’s hear for.

6. Protohype - Fly ft Alina Renae
Protohype - Fly ft Alina Renae

2013 was the year Protohype truly achieved “Such Great Heights,” shattering his competition into oblivion with an empowering and bewitching sound. “Fly” was just one of the countless tracks the burgeoning superstar unveiled this year, but it definitely stood out amongst the bunch. Luscious vocals, gripping production, and a carefully crafted music video that ends with 12th Planet, Datsik, and Carnage deceased due too an overload of firepower.

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