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Favorite ThisTop 10 Datsik Songs

Published: November 24, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Today we pay homage to Troy Beetles. The name Datsik is synonymous with the heaviest of the heavy, and for good reason.

Along with Excision, Beetles bust out of Canada with such powerful force in the late 2000's, it made a ripple through the electronic and dance music industry that continues to be felt to this day.

With releases on Basshead, Rottun, Never Say Die, Muti, Circus, Dim Mak, and more, Datsik has defined the dubstep sound for so many fans, and continued to evolve through drumstep, trap, and beyond--wherever the subsonic onslaught heads next.

On top of the multitude of releases on different labels, he's found time to pluck talented producers out of obscurity, and bring them into the spotlight with his own boutique powerhouse, Firepower Records. So many stars of the bass music world owe their careers to the kid from Kelowna.

And he's only 26.

Tomorrow, November 25th, Datsik releases Down 4 My Ninjas EP via Firepower. The EP features a collaboration with hip-hop legend KRS-One, as well as a joint with his new Firepower fave, Twine. You can pre-order the album now.

It was announced earlier this month that Datsik will be embarking upon the 4-month Ninja Nation Tour, as well, which will cover a giant swath of North America beginning in late January, and continuing through mid-April with more dates to be announced.

Joining him is a star-studded cast that includes ETC! ETC!, Kennedy Jones, Trolley Snatcha, TRUTH, Barely Alive, Bear Grillz, Fox Stevenson, and the aforementioned Twine. Limited numbers of $20 fan club tickets are up now, but will be gone soon.

Our fans chipped in, and helped us develop this list. We covered a great deal of Beetles' back catalog, but true to form, our likeminded bass junkies tend to give greater weight to the classics. And we can't disagree.

Discover some new tunes, and revisit some old ones, as we take a stroll through the Datsik vault.

10. Excision & Datsik - 8 Bit Superhero

Since Datsik showed up on Excision's Top 10 list so much, it's only fair we start this list off with another collab from this powerful partnership. Surprise, surprise... Jeff and Troy like video games. You'll start to see the theme as the list unfolds.

9. Kaskade & Skrillex - Lick It (Datsik Remix)

It's still crazy to think that Datsik has a release on Ultra Records, but when you make something this undeniably powerful, I guess mainstream folks have to take notice.

8. Scum

For Datsik's second full-length (and first on his own Firepower label), Let It Burn, Beetles decided to give fans a little retro flavor with a nod to his video game hero.

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