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Favorite ThisTop 10 Art Outside EDM Artists

Published: October 21, 2014

We've had the distinct privilege of getting to know our friends in Texas a little better over the past couple of years. Through the miracle of the internet, we've learned that the Lone Star state is not all belt buckles, boots, and BBQ (though, those are three of its best aspects). In fact, there's a thriving art scene that's been brewing for a decade in and around the city of Austin, TX.

Sure, it's been an artsy community for longer than that, as evidenced by Richard Linklater's ode to the city, Slacker, but one particular outfit has been assembling the wildest thinkers, the most creative sculptors, and the most fearless multimedia artisans for an annual event that is now celebrating its tenth year.

Art Outside started popping up on our radar over the last couple of incarnations, because in addition to booking these incredible painters, inventors, metalworkers, and visionaries, they started booking some of our favorite left-field acts, who kinda share those same sensibilities, but on the sonic side of the spectrum.

While SXSW has cornered the market on the hippest acts with the strongest indie cred, and ACL goes for the big fish like Bruce Springsteen and... well... Phish, Art Outside focuses on the best acts from the festival circuit who embody not only the underground vibe of the event, but also possess that artistic bent that helps us capture our own inherent creativity.

The three-day festival kicks off this weekend, October 24-27, in Rockdale, TX, just outside of Austin, and we want to make sure you know who our staff has chosen as the must-see acts are on this bill. While there are many more than we can mention in a list of ten, these are the ones that thrill us time and time again. Make sure you grab your advance tickets and head on down to the place where everything's bigger--especially the tunes.

10. Dixon's Violin

We've been raving about Dixon's Violin since the string-slinging shaman joined us for a panel at Electric Forest. Opening the festival with an artistic invocation, Dixon will set the intention for the festival with a brilliant bolt of flashing energy and a million-dollar smile. This guy is a true genius, and his fearlessness will set you free.

9. The Human Experience

Our staff is still dumbfounded at just how brilliant David Block's new album is. The Human Experience is the most recent addition to the Jumpsuit Records crew, and his ability to move the body at the same time as he moves the soul is unmatched.

8. Plantrae

Our staff has completely fallen in love with Zak Hoya and his viola. The young "organic electronic" producer has captivated us with deep, rich works that entrance and quiet the body, mind, and soul. He's starting to make quite a name for himself, and the breakout star is certainly one to watch. Word on the street is a new album is imminent from Plantrae in early 2015.

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