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Favorite ThisThere is a staggering amount of talent on the new VALE compilation

Published: October 19, 2018

By: Michelle Gargano

VALE is fast becoming a go-to outlet for the darker realms of bass music. The label’s latest compilation, Dmitri's Table, is a tribute to Russian chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev.

VALE compilationResponsible for the formulation and inner workings of the Periodic Law and involvement with the periodic table, Mendeleev was recognized for foundational contributions to chemistry. The same can be said for VALE’s elemental selections and equally foundational contributions to the underground bass realm.

A certain cohesiveness is present throughout this compilation; industrial DnB, halftime, neuro, and left-field dubstep are sorted into their various categories by properties. The nine featured tracks make a universal fusion of beats, dubbing this the perfect combo for mainstream and underground bass music lovers alike.

DeeZ and FRQ NCY combine for the explosive, “Mystery Box,” while CRIMES! and Sigrah run rampant with brutal drum and bass. Being the sucker that I am for whomp whomps, “Wobble,” by DFNKT and Gemo was a personal favorite. Having just debuted an Abelation collab with EAZYBAKED, we get a whole different side of him with this Carlo Frick collab, “Zappified,” that goes into throwback complextro mode. Wild.

Despite VALE’s infatuation with the dark arts, this release shed light on 19 different artists emerging in the scene, allowing each of them to shine in their own unique way even though each track is a collab. So, turn up those speakers and sit back for a ride through the elements.

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