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Favorite ThisTelevisor - Automagic [Out NOW on Monstercat]

Published: November 19, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Especially with everyone on our Facebook page listing off their favorite labels today, how on earth could we pass up the opportunity to share a new Monstercat tune with the world? The latest from Televisor is a brilliant, nu-disco dream. Gorgeous, cooing synths playfully dart and dash against a Daft-ian drum line. And the electric guitar--whoo child, you're delightful. It's everything you want in a summer anthem in the cold, brutish gusts of icy wind that peck us in the dead of November. Perhaps that's why the Brits decided to toss this one out there. Make us think of happier times and whatnot. At any rate, your ticket to a permanent summer is here in the form of a Beatport buy link.