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Favorite ThisStephan Jacobs & Metaphase: Floss Angeles

Published: January 23, 2013
By: Charlotte Roxanne Horton

Last week, Stephan Jacobs and Metaphase dropped their two track EP, Floss Angeles. Although the two songs sound very similar with the mixture of unique, unpredictable synths and dirty bass drops, they are still quite unique in their own frame. “Ben Franks” has a softer tone and slower pace. The tracks mixture of slow beats and grittier bass makes it more of a head bobbing sound, with subtle relief even from its own bass drops. On the other spectrum, “Medical Grade” has a crunchier sound with plenty of bass change ups. The two DJ’s work flawlessly with each other, creating a two track EP that somehow covers a wide spectrum of emotion while still upholding the same, undeniable sound. And a boss release on Excision's label ain't too shabby, neither.

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip HopBreaksDrum and Bass