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Favorite ThisSirensCeol - What I've Become [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: November 26, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Of course we haven't forgotten about good ol' Stephen Burke! The young man's busy at school in the Bay Area, but he's still found time to entertain us not only with his crisp complextro, but with his voice, as well!! We've always known that SirensCeol is the complete package, but "What I've Become" really shows off his ability to create an addictive dance track, write some catchy yet poignant lyrics, and then belt the hell out of them. Sure, dance numbers have a tendency to be vague, pedantic, and at worst, banal. But the sentiment behind these words, and the power in that voice really sell us on Burke's intentions. We get it, and we don't think you've become anything but a world class talent. Keep it up, good buddy. Snag this FREE DOWNLOAD, folks.